Grant: 异构云平台中新型I/O虚拟化方法及运行支撑技术研究


Current Projects

High-Performance QAT-Accelerated Systems/Applications (cooperation with Intel QAT team) – project page

Nowadays, cloud datacenters demand continuous performance enhancement to fulfill the requirements of cloud services that are becoming globalized and scaling rapidly. Hardware accelerators, including GPU, FPGA and ASIC, are a promising solution to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of cloud datacenters. As a modern ASIC for both security (cryptography) and compression, the Intel QAT accelerator has advantages on energy-efficiency and cost-performance compared to those general-purpose ones. System/Application acceleration performance depends on not only the accelerator iteself, but also the offload I/O. The straightforward offloading of crypto or compression operations into QAT may not achieve the anticipated performance enhancement. Additionally, the emerging of crypto accelerator provides the potential to achieve both security and performance as sensitive crypto keys can be securely stored inside the accelerator during run time.

Bare-metal Cloud (cooperation with Intel DPDK team) – project page

Vector Packet Processing (cooperation with Intel VPP team)

Recently, with the rapid increase of network traffic, the poor performance of data packets processing with Linux kernel has become the bottleneck. However, the rapid development of the Internet needs high performance of network processing. In this situation, user-space network stack has caught more and more attention. VPP(Vector Packet Processing) is a user-space, high performance and packet processing stack that can run on commodity CPUs. In cooperation with Intel, we design and develop VSAP(VPP Stack Acceleration Project) based on vpp host stack. It aims to establish an industry user space application ecosystem. The project adapts existing open source projects, e.g., Nginx and Envoy now. In the future, It will benefit more network applications and leads to great performance improvement. The following is the link of VSAP in VSAP Project Page.

Scheduling Algorithms – project page

AFDX – project page

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